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Meet the Harbor West Neighborhoods

Profiles on each neighborhood below are pulled from the South Baltimore Gateway Partnership Master Plan, pages 27-29. Click the house icon to proceed to the neighborhood's webpage on, for home values, walk scores, and testimonials.

Links to local associations and points of contact are included in each neighborhood profile. More recent photos shared by volunteers (and better ones coming soon!).

For additional reading, browse...



Westport CEDC, Westport Neighborhood Association

Westport is a self-contained community on
the northern shore of the Middle Branch. In
the 1800s,..



Fishes and Loaves at Faith Tabernacle Church, Lakeland Community Association Partnership

Silver Lake, the now-gone lake that gave the area its name, was first an iron-ore quarry...

Mount Winans/Mt. Winans

Mount Winans/Mt. Winans

Mt Winans Community Association, Community Outreach Ministries

Mount Winans was originally referred to as “Hull’s Village” and “Hullsville” after Charles J. Hull, who purchased...

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