Westport CEDC has responded to the City of Baltimore's request for proposals for 2400 Harman Avenue in the Mount Winans neighborhood. The CEDC is now developing a viable proforma with an area developer for the 3.228 acre site for a regional community center for the Harbor West neighborhoods, including Lakeland, Saint Paul, and Westport. 2400 Harman Avenue is currently leveled as a R-7 residential lot of the former Elementary School No. 156 (1952-1997).

Property Prospectus

“Located in a mixed-used residential, commercial, and industrial neighborhood of the southern area of Baltimore City, this parcel is a great opportunity to develop for various uses.  The Mount Winans neighborhood is an emerging area with solid occupancy and a variety of housing stock including both detached and row houses.  This large parcel is ripe for development, and is close to Florence Cummings Park, Westport Elementary School, Morrell Park, and I-295.”


  1. April 4, 2012 - Baltimore City DHCD Staff Report from Planning Commission

    1. Amendment History with Zoning (Page 1)

    2. Proposal Conformity (Page 1)

    3. Site Analysis (Page 2)

  2. March 4, 2013 - Baltimore City Council Bill: 13-0197 Sale of Property

  3. Recommendations from South Baltimore 7 Organizational Assessment (pages 35-39)

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