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Pamela Bishop

Food Insecurity Volunteer

Pamela Bishop comes from the University of Baltimore, Schaefer for Public Policy where she was employed for 25 years as the Business Services Specialist. I retired in 2018 and was hire back for special project as needed.

I managed the daily routine of the office. I was responsible for preparing timesheets for 50 individuals, I prepared the contracts and hiring forms for our Contingent I and Contingent 2 employee’s. I was responsible for preparing training manuals for the State Highway Administration, Baltimore City Workload Study Project, Weinberg Fellows Program, Certified Public Managers Program® and the Community Supervision Workload Study for the Department of Public Safety and Correctional System, Faith-Based Development Program with Enterprise Community, and the Baltimore City Board of Election Training. Including scheduling classrooms, order supplies, and catering orders. Coordinating all materials used in the training, including the information printed and put into the manuals for each training class.

Supervised 15-20 telephone interviewers using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing equipment. Responsible for maintaining paperwork associated with CATI system and shutting down properly ach evening. Trained new interviewers on the CATI system and instructed new interviewers on policies and procedures.

Pamela Bishop
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