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Keisha Allen

Board, HWC Advisory Board

Chairperson of the Board

Westport CEDC & Harbor West Collaborative

Keisha Allen lives in the Westport community in Baltimore, Maryland. She and her neighbors work to promote revitalization while preserving Westport's legacy by organizing community cleanups, working with neighbors to resolve quality of life issues, and hold community engagement activities and events.

She served as President for 9 years (2011-2019) with the Westport Neighborhood Association and co-founded the Westport Community & Economic Development Corporation also known as Harbor West Collaborative. Also, Keisha and community leaders from five adjacent neighborhoods founded the South Baltimore 6 Coalition, now known as South Baltimore 7 Coalition. Beyond her community, she served as Vice-Chair and board member on the Horseshoe Casino Local Development Council, board member on the South Baltimore Gateway Partnerships. She has served 3 years on the Civilian Review Board.

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